Embedded Ammonites

Ammonites for your Swing Seats

Ammonite embedded into swing seat arm Usually set in the arm or back, as shown, to bring a flavour of Lyme Regis to your swing seat. Ammonites are set in resin and can, of course, be left out all year round.

Price: £69.50 per ammonite + VAT (£83.40)

Ammonites in Swing Seats   Ammonites for Decoration   Ammonites for Decoration
Stainless Steel,English Oak and Jurassic Fossils -timeless Above: An ammonite gives the finishing touch to Oak.

Ammonite in Cedar Above: Ammonites look just as good in Western Red Cedar.

Ammonite in back of Swing Seat Above: Or in the back of a swirlback in Oak.

Ammonite in a Harmony SWing Seat Above: Ammonites can also work in Harmonys. This one is set in the back of a two seater fan back in Holly.